Bird columns

Here are some For the Birds column starts with links to the complete versions.


Everyone’s got a top 10 list these days. David Letterman is only the tip of the iceberg.

Top 10 cities for young professionals under six feet tall. Top 10 breakfast places in Kansas. Top 10 purple dresses to wear in May.

The birding world is not immune to top 10 lists. Heck, even I do an annual top 10 birding highlights of the year column every January. Personally, I love top 10 lists. I’m attracted to top 10 headlines like a moose is drawn to a salt lick.

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2 thoughts on “Bird columns

  1. My top birding experience (actually two top experiences) of 2014 occurred in mid to late December just before the ice covered Spofford Lake. On two occasions I witnessed to mature Bald Eagles working together to drown a duck. I had seen this once before about 15 years ago. After seeing this the first time I looked up Bald Eagles in the encyclopedia, yes it was that long ago and I’m old, and it mentioned this form of hunting
    The two eagles take turns diving at the duck. The duck dives to avoid be grabbed by the sharp talons, as soon as he comes up for air the second eagle dives at it and forces it to dive again. Eventually, the duck becomes exhausted and the eagles are able to grab it.
    Unfortunately I was unable to video this but it was remarkable to watch.


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