Stunned eastern wood-pewee survives

I found this guy on my porch as I was walking into the house this afternoon. He must have bumped into the bedroom window, and became stunned. I was happy to see that its neck looked OK. A broken neck from a window strike is fatal to birds.

Often, they are only stunned and need to collect their wits before they fly off and return to their day. I picked up the bird to keep it warm and calm. I was going to put it in a box and place it away from lurking predators. However, after a few seconds, I felt the bird try to flap its wings in my hand. I loosen my grip and the bird flew to a nearby branch. It immediately let out its trademark song, a high-pitched “pee-wee.”

It was an eastern wood-pewee and we will hear that song in the woods all summer.

2 thoughts on “Stunned eastern wood-pewee survives

  1. Love this! I’ve lent a warm hand to many a bird stricken down by windows or by a car…once a yellow bellied sapsucker that as soon as I started wrapping it gently in a towel to place it near water, it flew around the room! I managed to catch it, let it go and it lit on a tree, came around and looked my way before flying off! I keep bells on my cat so she can’t sneak up on songbirds… she doesn’t know why they seem to always get away!


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