Update on the tomato hornworm

Photo by Chris Bosak Wasp cocoons cling to what’s left of a tomato hornworm in a garden in New England, September 2020.

Here’s a quick update on the tomato hornworm I wrote about a few weeks ago. As you can see from the above photo, it didn’t get any better for the tomato hornworm, the caterpillar of the five-spotted sphinx moth. I was pulling some of the dying tomato plants out of the garden the other day when I noticed this scene on a bunch of small pear tomatoes. As you can see, some of the wasp cocoons are empty now as the wasps completed their cycle and flew off into the world.

Confused? Here’s the original story.

Here’s what the caterpillar looked like a few weeks ago:

Photo by Chris Bosak A tomato hornworm is covered in braconid wasp larvae on a tomato plant in New England, August 2020.

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