Live was a flop, but here are some photos from today

Photo by Chris Bosak
A song sparrow takes shelter in an old Christmas tree during a snowfall in Danbury, Connecticut, February 2019.

My attempt to go live from my feeders today was, well, a learning experience. The video quality looked much better on my iPhone screen than how it translated onto the big screen next to me. Also, Facebook live makes you shoot vertically (not how you’re supposed to do it!) so the first several minutes appeared sideways. Who knew?

The birds were fairly cooperative during the 15-minute live shoot. A group of pine siskins covered the tube feeder while mourning doves, titmice, chickadees, goldfinches, juncos, downy woodpeckers, and white-breasted nuthatches visited the various other feeders. A song sparrow, an irregular visitor at my feeders anyway, also showed up and took seeds from the platform feeder.

What was somewhat expected but didn’t show up were blue jays, cardinals, and red-bellied woodpeckers.

I guess it’s time to look into a new camera capable of streaming live video. The iPhone just didn’t cut it – at least for this experiment. Thanks to those who did tune in. Next time will be better.

In the meantime, here are some more photos from the action Continue reading


I have accepted the #challengeonnaturephotography

Day 1 of the #challengeonnaturephotography

Day 1 of the #challengeonnaturephotography

One of the many latest things on Facebook these days is the Challenge on Nature Photography. Oh, I’m sorry. This is 2015. I mean the #challengeonnaturephotography

I was challenged by my friend David Winston, the landscaper/photographer of Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary fame. The challenge is put up a different nature photograph for seven days and nominate a different person to do the same. Coming up with seven nature photographs will be a breeze. Can I come up with seven Facebook friends who would accept the challenge. Do you want to be challenged? Let me know and nominate you. Above is my first contribution to the Challen … sorry, to the #challengeonnaturephotography

You can look on Twitter using the hashtag search #challengeonnaturephotography for other challenge-takers throughout the world. I’m happy to be part of it and thank David for his nomination.