Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz IV

What are we looking at here? Hint, it’s not a horse’s tail.

Here’s yesterday’s answer (even though I mistakenly gave it away by not deleting the caption).

Here’s the full photo of the red-bellied woodpecker.

Photo by Chris Bosak A red-bellied woodpecker inspects a peanut on a deck railing, New England, fall 2019.

Here’s today’s quiz photo again.

Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz III

Relatively easy one today. Here’s a big hint too … what is showing in the photo is not often seen but is part of the bird’s name. Thanks for playing along.

Here’s yesterday’s answer, and yes, someone got it right, so you’re 2-for-2 so far.

Here’s yesterday’s photo:

Here’s a few frames prior …

Those who guessed black-capped chickadee were right!

Here’s today’s photo again …

Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz II

So far, yinz are 1-for-1 in guessing the Bird Quiz. The answer to yesterday’s quiz is below. Today’s question, obviously, is: What bird is flying away from the coffee mug?

If you’re scratching your head over what “yinz” means, you’re definitely not from the Pittsburgh area. Yinz (sometimes pronounced yunz) is a word that refers to several people, sort of like “you guys” or the southern preference “y’all.” The black and yellow from the mug made me think of the Steelers, hence the Pittsburgh reference. Anyway, I hope you all, I mean yinz, are doing well and handling this crisis as best as possible.

Here’s yesterday’s answer.

Above are the tracks made a few moments before the three turkeys walked down the hill and into the woods …

Here’s today’s photo again …

Thanks for playing along.

Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz 1

I’m going to shift themes again. I’ve already covered social distancing and cleanliness, now I will tackle the uncertainty aspect of coronavirus. I am not using coronavirus as an overarching theme to make light of this crisis, but rather to highlight the indomitable human spirit and bring a bit of levity to these trying days.

Therefore, with this post I kick off a run of Birding Quiz posts. I’ll reveal the answers in the next day’s post. Thanks for playing along and for supporting

The first question is: What is in the above photo?

Birds to brighten your day: Part XII

Photo by Chris Bosak Robins invade a birdbath.
Photo by Chris Bosak Robins invade a birdbath.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. This is one of my favorite birdbath photos I’ve taken, even though it’s about 10 years old at this point.

(Repeat text from yesterday) With many of us working from home or otherwise “physical distancing” as we combat COVID-19, I will post a series of photos that are at least vaguely related to our dealing with the crisis. I’ve already done commingling species as a nod to social distancing. This week’s theme is birdbaths to highlight the need for handwashing. (Even though most birds in this series will be drinking and not bathing.)

For the Birds: We can still enjoy the outdoors

Photo by Chris Bosak An eastern phoebe sits on a sign near at the edge of Deer Pond in Sherman, CT, fall 2019.

Coronavirus may have robbed us of our schools, normal work routine, hand sanitizer and toilet paper, but it hasn’t taken away our enjoyment of the outdoors yet. Hopefully it won’t even as scientists and officials put additional regulations on our lives almost daily.

Not that I am questioning or making light of the regulations. I understand the reasoning behind social distancing and sheltering in place. It is important to not let the virus get even more out of hand.

Experts have said that being outdoors is fine and even encouraged during this time. They do suggest avoiding crowds and maintaining a six-foot buffer between you and the next person, even outdoors.

That is fine for birdwatchers. Many of us like to enjoy our hobby either alone or with only a few people anyway, so avoiding crowds and maintaining distance is not a problem. The coronavirus crisis may even lead more people into this great hobby Continue reading

Birds to brighten your day: Part XI (Bonus edition)

Photo by Chris Bosak Gray Catbird at birdbath.
Photo by Chris Bosak Gray Catbird at birdbath in summer.

In keeping with the birdbath theme, but expanding on it a touch, here is my For the Birds column from two weeks ago that I hadn’t posted here yet.

Water is a vital part of bird habitat. This is true for backyard bird habitats as well. I will admit, however, that I sometimes get lackadaisical about keeping my birdbath filled with fresh water. My house and yard are set up in such a manner that I can’t have my feeders and bath in easy view from my back windows. The bath, therefore, got relegated to the side yard and I don’t often look out those windows.

Often, it’s a case of “out of sight, out of mind,” and the bath goes dry. Then the bluebirds came around and made me pay more attention. I know what you’re thinking: Oh boy, there he goes with his bluebirds again. I don’t have a good comeback for that other than to say: Yes, here I go with my bluebirds again. But I promise it’s not all about bluebirds this time. I walked outside the other day to throw some mealworms on the deck railing Continue reading