Not many birds, but a snapper on this walk

Snapping turtle

Snapping turtle

The birding was fairly slow on a quick walk I took this morning at a cemetery in Darien, CT.

Canada geese filled the pond. No wood ducks or hooded mergansers, which may also be found there on occasion. Lots of starlings and a few robins, but otherwise pretty scarce in terms of birds.

But the walk was made when I turned a corner to see a big, dark lump along the side of one of the roads that wind around the cemetery. The lump was moving and turned out to be a snapping turtle. I was surprised to see one this late in the year (Nov. 18.) Then again, late sightings are becoming less surprising.

I wish I had my boys with me for this walk. They have recently discovered “Call of the Wildman” on Animal Planet and love the “Turtle Man’s” antics. Wildman often catches and relocates snapping turtles so the boys would have loved this sighting — not they would have tried to catch it. Check out the claws on this turtle. No wonder they are such great diggers.

Turtles know where they are going and this snapper was safely off to the side of the road within the confines of the cemetery, so I didn’t interfere either.

Photo by Chris Bosak Snapping turtle in cemetery in Darien, CT, Nov. 2013.


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