Hooded Merganser courting display video

Here’s a video I made of the courtship display of Hooded Mergansers. Remember, I’m not a professional videographer, but this one came out OK, I think. Anyway, how can you go wrong with video and photos of Hooded Mergansers? Such a cool bird.

Thanks for checking it out.

2 thoughts on “Hooded Merganser courting display video

  1. Happy New Year Chris. I’m enjoying getting your postings by email now — it should make 2014 a bird-filled year for me. Your Snowy Owl photos recently were memorable.
    I had fun correspondence with the Ornithological folk at Cornell when I wrote them about what I thought must be a courting display in a group of Buffleheads on a small pond in December. It seemed to me an odd time for courtship. I got great information back including some drawings of courtship behavior. Susan


  2. Oh love these guys but I only see them visiting the pond in mtiiagron.. They stop, fish, nap and move on. I am hoping to get some wood ducks to nest in our nesting box, but the starlings have been chasing them out. We haven’t had a brood of woodies on the pond in several years and I love them Michelle from Nature Notes,,


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