Bird Book Look: “Inside a Bald Eagle’s Nest”

Cover of "Inside A Bald Eagle's Nest"

Cover of “Inside A Bald Eagle’s Nest”

Here’s the first of many (hopefully) posts about bird books, or Bird Book Look, as I will call the posts. They will not be full reviews of the book, but rather quick posts with some information about the book and a few thoughts about the text and images. These bird book posts will be used mainly to let everyone know that the books are out there and give a general sense about it.

The first book to be featured here is “Inside A Bald Eagle’s Nest,” by Teena Ruark Gorrow and Craig A. Koppie, published by Schiffer Publishing. The nonfiction book is rich with pictures and accompanying text about a Bald Eagle pair raising young in a neighborhood outside Washington DC. It includes more than 160 photos of this American icon.

This book is particularly fitting now since my last For the Birds column talked about whether or not the eagles nesting on Chimon Island off the coast of Norwalk, Conn., have babies or not. The short answer is: probably. The distance and angle of that nest makes it impossible to tell for sure, short of climbing the tree to have a look , of course, which is both illegal and highly inadvisable. But “Inside a Bald Eagle’s Nest” is filled with terrific photos showing what it looks like inside the nest with eggs and then eaglets in it.

The book is easy reading with a first-hand account from Gorrow and Koppie about what was happening at the nest and when. Along the way the book offers plenty of information about eagles. It’s an education both historically and biologically. A glossary at the end of the book defines dozens of words associated with Bald Eagles.

More than anything, Inside A Bald Eagle’s Nest is a photography book offering readers the opportunity to see what goes on inside the nest from the beginning of the breeding season through the time when the young eagles fledge. There are also dozens upon dozens of photos taken of the eagles (both adults and young) outside the nest, too. Personally, I like the photos of the eagles carrying fish they just caught.

Inside A Bald Eagle’s Nest won a “Green Earth Book Award” from the Nature Generation.

Schiffer Publishing has several excellent bird and nature books. Visit its website here.

More images from Inside A Bald Eagle’s Nest.

eagle2 eagle 1

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