Just a quick video I put together

I’ve been having so much fun watching my homemade birdfeers attract so many birds I decided to video a few of the visitors. I have a longer video planned and in the works, but here’s a quickee I threw together (partially just to reacquaint myself with iMovie.)

5 thoughts on “Just a quick video I put together

  1. From At the Feeder, Jane Kenyon:
    Now the Bluejay comes in
    for a landing, like a SAC bomber
    returning to Plattsburgh
    after a day of patrolling the ozone.
    Every teacup in the pantry rattles.

    The solid and graceful bodies
    of Nuthatches, perpetually
    upside down, like Yogis…
    and Slate-Colored juncos, feeding
    on the ground, taking only
    what falls to them.


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