Stranger Things: Katydid

Katydids are one of summer’s most ubiquitous creatures, yet we rarely see them. We sure hear them, though.

That beautiful (to my ears anyway) sound you hear all evening and night during warm weather is a katydid, which rubs its wings together to make its namesake sound. I’ve heard people say they’ve heard cicadas all night, but what they are likely hearing are katydids. Cicada are usually heard during the day and have a different insect sound. Crickets also chirp at night, but katydid sounds can easily be differentiated.

Katydids are bright green and somewhat resemble a grasshopper. They also look like leaves, a handy attribute to have to fool predators.

If you are lucky enough to find one, check out its face. It looks (again, to me anyway) like a mini lobster.

The katydids we have in New England are about two inches long. The giant katydid of Malaysia grows to six inches, but is still completely harmless to humans.

For more information on katydids, visit

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