Birds to brighten your day: Part VII

Photo by Chris Bosak
A white-winged scoter rests on the beach as a ruddy turnstone shares the area at Coastal Center at Milford Point on Monday, May 12, 2014.

The shore is a great place to find commingling bird species as shorebirds often congregate near the water. In this case, I got a ruddy turnstone and white-winged scoter together. White-winged scoters are usually found in large rafts off the coast. I’m not sure why this one sitting on the shore, but the shorebirds didn’t seem to mind its presence.

(Repeat text from yesterday:) With many of us working from home or otherwise “physical distancing” as we combat COVID-19, I figured I’d start a daily series of photos showing different bird species together. Why not? Maybe it will brighten somebody’s day to see commingling bird species each morning as we’re all stuck inside.

2 thoughts on “Birds to brighten your day: Part VII

  1. I have been following you for a while now and have always enjoyed your blog. Sometimes I get busy and do not always look. I want you to know how helpful your posts are for me right now. I live in Upstate New York and have had to stay at home for a while now due to being in a “vulnerable” population. I even have time now to go back and look at bird pictures I missed. Thank you for giving us something beautiful.

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