Birds to brighten your day: May 7

Photo by Chris Bosak
A pileated woodpecker works over a tree in New England, May 2020. Merganser Lake.

A Day on Merganser Lake XVI

I heard a loud tapping (no make that banging) coming from the backyard. I glanced out the window and noticed a male pileated woodpecker giving a dead hemlock tree a good working over. Chips and even bigger pieces of wood broke free and scattered under the ground. He didn’t stay long, maybe five minutes, but I got some nice shots of him.

Female and male pileated woodpeckers both have red heads, but only the male has the red “mustache.”

(Repeat text for context:  I’m running out of COVID-19 lockdown themes so from now until things get back to some semblance of normalcy, I will simply post my best photo from the previous day. You could say it fits because of its uncertainty and challenge. I’ll call the series “A Day on Merganser Lake,” even though that’s not the real name of the lake I live near in southwestern Connecticut, it’s just a nod to my favorite duck family.)

5 thoughts on “Birds to brighten your day: May 7

  1. Love this photo! I’ve wondered about distinctions between male and female. Just thought is was the size of the comb! Saw one last week, perched on a dead log in my yard.. no time to get camera! Hoping the couple find an apartment in one of my dead trees near by!

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