Hairy woodpecker stops to smell the flowers

Photo by Chris Bosak A hairy woodpecker perches on a broken branch in New England, June 2020. Merganser Lake.

A Day on Merganser Lake

I don’t normally keep flowers alive for very long so I was happy when this female hairy woodpecker stopped by to check out the blooms.

3 thoughts on “Hairy woodpecker stops to smell the flowers

  1. Just wanted to let you know what happened in my backyard this morning. I have a nesting box and I knew that two chickadees were interested in it and had built a nest. This morning a male Red Bellied Woodpecker attacked the box and managed to open the front a little which exposed nesting material. After several chunks of stuff being removed he managed to pull out an egg which fell the the ground. After pecking around he picked up the whole egg and flew away.
    I’ve never seen this before and wonder if this happens all the time. My box usually is abandoned every year and I always thought it was because of the cats waiting below. Cats are nowhere in my area now!

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