Palm warblers uncropped

Sometimes I’ll crop photos to delete extraneous background “clutter” or just to highlight the bird more. This time, I decided to run the photos as is (as are?). The palm warbler was a fair distance away, but I kind of like the “clutter” in these photos. (I did burn the edges of the photos in Photoshop to make the bird stand out a bit more.)

1 thought on “Palm warblers uncropped

  1. For many years, I have been watching the variety of birds visiting my garden until this first one showing up at my bird feeder today. A beautiful sighting. Needless to say, camera in hands, I managed to take some pictures. It took me a while to identify it, but I did: European Goldfich (Carduelis Carduelis). Is it a bird that lives in the area? (Fairfield county, CT)


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