Another aptly named sparrow

Yesterday, we looked at the field sparrow, and discussed how habitat is often an important factor in identifying sparrows. Today, it’s the swamp sparrow. I found this bird lurking near a swampy (no surprise there) area during a recent walk.

Again, borrowing a description from, here’s what they say about the habitat of the swamp sparrow: “Swamp Sparrows nest only in wetlands. In the northern parts of the range, they use fens and bogs that have patches of open water, especially those dotted with shrubs. They also nest in peat bogs with little open water. Through most of the breeding range, look for them in freshwater marshes with cattail, sedges, and other tall reeds, rushes, or grasses; these areas often have willows or alders around their edges.” More information may be found here.

Here’s yesterday’s post in case you missed it.

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