Bird Book Look: Birding at the Bridge

Here is another bird book that came out this year for your consideration during this holiday season.This one came out in early summer, and is titled “Birding at the Bridge: In Search of Every Bird on the Brooklyn Waterfront,” by Heather Wolf, published by The Experiment. 

It is largely a picture book, but does include interesting text on each of the species featured in the book. Cities, especially a borough of New York City, may not be regarded as birding hotspots, but the author and photographer prove that that is not necessarily the case.

Below is more information on the book, taken from a press release from the publisher.

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Bright lights, big city, and . . . birds? The Brooklyn Bridge once overshadowed a decaying industrial waterfront, but today it points the way to a new green oasis: Brooklyn Bridge Park. When avid birder Heather Wolf moved from tropical Florida to a nearby apartment, she wondered how many species she might see there, and soon came to a surprising realization: Not only is the park filled with an astonishing variety of birds, but the challenges that come with urban birding make them even more fun—and rewarding—to find.

 Camera in hand, Heather has captured scores of memorable scenes—a European starling pokes its head out of a hole in a snack shop, a marsh wren straddles two branches, common grackle nestlings clamor for food above the basketball courts—in more than 150 stunning photographs that will entrance birders and bird lovers, wherever their local patch may be. From the familiar-but-striking bufflehead duck to the elusive mourning warbler, every species comes to life on the page, foraging, nesting, and soaring in the slice of the city where they’ve made themselves at home. Discover the thrilling adventure of birding in the great outdoors—in the heart of Brooklyn. 

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