A few snapping turtle iPhone photos

Young snapping turtle, by Chris Bosak

Camera phones have come a long way. They are not necessarily practical for bird photography yet, but if you get a cooperative subject like these snapping turtles and pickerel frog, phones can be great for nature photography. They are handy for when opportunities present themselves in the woods or during a drive.
Speaking of snapping turtles, keep an eye on the roadways during this time of year for those gorgeous reptiles. Remember, if you see a turtle in the road, snapping or otherwise, and are in a position to safely help, move it to the side of the road in the direction it was walking. Don’t assume it needs water and move it back toward a pond it was walking away from. It will just have to start its trek all over again. Oh, and if it’s a snapping turtle, be careful.

Snapping turtle, by Chris Bosak

Pickerel frog, by Chris Bosak

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