Admiring mushrooms 

I admittedly do not know a whole lot about the mushrooms found in New England woods. I do know that some mushrooms can kill you, so I basically just avoid them all, other than admiring the ones that catch my eye. These mushrooms found in the woods behind my house stood out so I grabbed a few iPhone photos. 
Speaking of mushrooms, I’d love to someday learn to forage for them. They are plentiful in our woods and would be a great addition to many recipes. The risks, however, are cause for concern and mushroom foraging should only be done by those who are certain of what they are doing. Eating the wrong mushrooms will usually cause stomach pain and perhaps vomiting, but the symptoms can be much more severe. 
Here’s some information from the Northern New England Poison Center: “Every year the Northern New England Poison Center helps patients who have become sick after misidentifying mushrooms they picked to eat. Among NNEPC cases, mistakes made while foraging are the second most common cause of serious mushroom poisonings, behind only people who become sick after taking psychedelic mushrooms on purpose.”
The Center points out that many safe mushrooms have multiple poisonous lookalikes in the woods, too. Someday I’ll learn to forage wild mushrooms, but until I’m 100 percent sure of what I’m doing, I’ll stick to admiring and photographing them. 
Are you a mushroom forager or have a story or tip about foraging mushrooms? Leave a comment below and share your story. 

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