Siskins remain

Photo by Chris Bosak Pine siskins visit a feeder in Danbury, Connecticut, fall 2018.

The pine siskins showed up on the last day of November and haven’t left. They may not be the same siskins as the originals (in fact they probably aren’t), but today I looked out at the feeders and saw about a dozen of the small finches. For me personally, this has been the best year yet for siskins. For more information about siskins and their irruptive nature, click here.

Speaking of irruptive species, I still haven’t seen any evening grosbeaks at my feeders. Several New England residents have reported seeing flocks of the large, handsome bird, however. (Large relative to siskins anyway.) One such lucky birdwatcher is Stephanie from Marlow, N.H., who shared some great photos. They may be found on the “Reader submitted photos” page on the menu above, or by clicking here.

In the meantime, here’s another siskin photo …

Photo by Chris Bosak A pine siskin eats Nyjer seeds at a feeder in Danbury, Conn., fall 2018.

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