Bird Book Look: Birding in Connecticut, by Frank Gallo


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Planning a birding trip to Connecticut and not exactly sure where to go? Now there’s help.

Frank Gallo, a well-known birder in Connecticut, has recently written “Birding in Connecticut,” published by Wesleyan University Press. The book breaks down the state by regions and offers insight, directions, and unusual species that may be seen there.

“Birding in Connecticut” is valuable to those who know Connecticut well and those who don’t know a thing about the Constitution State. I know Connecticut and its birding hot spots fairly well, but I realized after looking through the book that there is a lot out there I didn’t know about.

Connecticut may be a small state (relatively speaking) but there is a lot to the state that makes it interesting and varied for birdwatchers. There is everything from vast forests and woods to fields to inland waters to Long Island Sound. If you are unfamiliar with Connecticut, the Sound opens up a whole new world to birders — winter and summer.

Here is more information, straight from the Amazon description:

“Birding in Connecticut is the definitive guide to where, when and, how to find birds in the state. Packed with information valuable to birders of all skill levels, from species accounts and a first-of-a kind cumulative list of rare bird sightings to a host of tips and tricks to finding and identifying birds. It is an invaluable resource on the habits and habitats of Connecticut’s birdlife, with clear and up-to-date bar graphs showing seasonal occurrence and abundance for every Connecticut bird species. It is the first guide of its kind to offer QR code links to continually updated information on the occurrence and abundance of birds at each location. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs and maps, Birding in Connecticut is the perfect companion for experts and novices alike.”

I love these types of books. When I first got into canoeing throughout New England, the series by Alex Wilson was invaluable. This book holds similar value to those interested in knowing where to find the birds in Connecticut.

Birding in Connecticut may be found online and in various retail outlets.

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