Ads turned off on

Photo by Chris Bosak
A beach cluttered with brant is a good thing. A website cluttered with ridiculous ads is not a good thing.

You may have noticed less clutter on this site lately. With it being the holiday season and all, I decided to turn off the automated ad program to give my readers a more enjoyable and less frustrating experience. That, and I wasn’t making any money off of them anyway.

But I am happy to be back to publishing a blog/website free of automated ads. They pervasive on the Internet these days and serve little purpose other than bogging down one’s online experience. I kept them on my site for about eight months and I have to admit I cringed every time I opened the site and saw one of those ridiculous ads competing for space with my bird photos. No more! Away with you, automated ads!

I can’t promise ads are gone forever from, but if I do bring them back, they will be targeted static ads that I sell and approve myself. Now, if I only had a talent for selling … Oh well, I’ll figure it out. Happy holidays everybody. Enjoy your ad-free.

2 thoughts on “Ads turned off on

  1. That’s a lovely thing to do, Chris. And those ads were truly disgusting!
    I had a heavenly Thanksgiving in Jaffrey NH with family & about 20″ of clean, white beautiful snow.
    Best for December, Susan


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