Birds to brighten your day: Part X

Photo by Chris Bosak A Blue Jay drinks from a birdbath in New England, spring 2016.

This is one of my more well-circulated photos. I used to work for Hearst Media and write my bird column for the company, which meant my photos were fair game for all their products. During a routine Google search, I found that this photo was used for the cover of a special section for the Houston Chronicle. It has also been used by other newspapers, with my permission.

(Repeat text from yesterday) With many of us working from home or otherwise “physical distancing” as we combat COVID-19, I will post a series of photos that are at least vaguely related to our dealing with the crisis. I’ve already done commingling species as a nod to social distancing. This week’s theme is birdbaths to highlight the need for handwashing. (Even though most birds in this series will be drinking and not bathing.)

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