Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz II

So far, yinz are 1-for-1 in guessing the Bird Quiz. The answer to yesterday’s quiz is below. Today’s question, obviously, is: What bird is flying away from the coffee mug?

If you’re scratching your head over what “yinz” means, you’re definitely not from the Pittsburgh area. Yinz (sometimes pronounced yunz) is a word that refers to several people, sort of like “you guys” or the southern preference “y’all.” The black and yellow from the mug made me think of the Steelers, hence the Pittsburgh reference. Anyway, I hope you all, I mean yinz, are doing well and handling this crisis as best as possible.

Here’s yesterday’s answer.

Above are the tracks made a few moments before the three turkeys walked down the hill and into the woods …

Here’s today’s photo again …

Thanks for playing along.

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