Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz III

Relatively easy one today. Here’s a big hint too … what is showing in the photo is not often seen but is part of the bird’s name. Thanks for playing along.

Here’s yesterday’s answer, and yes, someone got it right, so you’re 2-for-2 so far.

Here’s yesterday’s photo:

Here’s a few frames prior …

Those who guessed black-capped chickadee were right!

Here’s today’s photo again …

Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz II

So far, yinz are 1-for-1 in guessing the Bird Quiz. The answer to yesterday’s quiz is below. Today’s question, obviously, is: What bird is flying away from the coffee mug?

If you’re scratching your head over what “yinz” means, you’re definitely not from the Pittsburgh area. Yinz (sometimes pronounced yunz) is a word that refers to several people, sort of like “you guys” or the southern preference “y’all.” The black and yellow from the mug made me think of the Steelers, hence the Pittsburgh reference. Anyway, I hope you all, I mean yinz, are doing well and handling this crisis as best as possible.

Here’s yesterday’s answer.

Above are the tracks made a few moments before the three turkeys walked down the hill and into the woods …

Here’s today’s photo again …

Thanks for playing along.

Birds to brighten your day: Bird Quiz 1

I’m going to shift themes again. I’ve already covered social distancing and cleanliness, now I will tackle the uncertainty aspect of coronavirus. I am not using coronavirus as an overarching theme to make light of this crisis, but rather to highlight the indomitable human spirit and bring a bit of levity to these trying days.

Therefore, with this post I kick off a run of Birding Quiz posts. I’ll reveal the answers in the next day’s post. Thanks for playing along and for supporting

The first question is: What is in the above photo?

BoNE Birding Quiz answer

Photo by Chris Bosak
A Savannah sparrow perches in a tree in Brookfield, CT, May 2019.

Those who guessed savannah sparrow were right! Look for these streaked sparrows this fall migration in open areas, including farmland, fields and marshes. They are often found on the ground. The yellow on the head is not always as prominent as seen in these photos. Sparrows can be tricky, which is why many birders simply lump them into the LBJ (little brown job) category. Take your time and study the patterns, bills and anything else that stands out (eye ring?) in your bird to increase your chances of a positive ID.

Here are some more photos of that savannah sparrow. Thanks for supporting Birds of New England.

Photo by Chris Bosak
A Savannah sparrow perches in a tree in Brookfield, CT, May 2019.
Photo by Chris Bosak
A Savannah sparrow perches in a tree in Brookfield, CT, May 2019.

BoNE Birding Quiz: Name the bird

Here’s a quick quiz to kick off your Labor Day Weekend (even though it’s a day late for that). Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, which means it’s time to transition into fall. With that in mind, keep your eyes to the sky, woods, brushy areas and fields for fall migrants. There will be many sparrows around and they can be tricky in the fall. This quiz will help get you ready for those LBJs. Email or comment with your response. As usual, there is no prize associated with a correct answer, only the joy of playing along with a BirdsofNewEngland quiz. Thanks for joining in.

Bird ID quiz to kick off ‘summer’

Summer doesn’t officially start for about three more weeks, but it unofficially starts this weekend. What better way to kick off the summer than with a good, old-fashioned bird ID quiz from Birds of New I’m not giving you much to go on here, but it should be more than enough. A great summer bird for New England.

Comment below to answer, send your response to, or just play along in your head. Thanks for checking out