Need bird books?

As a new feature to, I am offering several birding or nature books for sale. They are gently used books that I have enjoyed and want to pass on to a good, nature-loving home, hence the low prices. Prices include cost of shipping. There is only one copy of each book. Once it is purchased, I will delete the listing. Just in time for winter, Christmas and the next round of quarantine.

Some of the prices may seem high, but I took the lowest Amazon price and shaved off several dollars. I believe some of the books are out of print, which is why they are selling for so much.

Click on “Bird books for sale” in the top menu, or click here:

2 thoughts on “Need bird books?

  1. I’d like to buy “Gods of the Morning”.
    Since I don’t know how to use paypal, would it be okay if i send you a check for $10 & you then send the book to me.?
    Susan Gutterman


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