The first warblers

Photo by Chris Bosak A pine warbler visits a backyard in New England, April 2020, Merganser Lake.

Other than the very few warblers of various types that remained in New England all winter, the pine warbler and palm warbler will be the first arrive in the region. I have seen them show up on rare bird alerts already but they will return in larger numbers over the next two weeks. Keep you eyes on your feeders as pine warblers are one of the few warbler species that will visit feeders. I’ve seen them eat suet, suet nuggets and meal worms. Above is the pine warbler; below is the palm.

Photo by Chris Bosak A palm warbler rests on a wire fence in a backyard in New England, April 2020. Merganser Lake.

5 thoughts on “The first warblers

      • I’m in Jacksonville, FL. The pine and palm are common but the first time in our yard hanging out at the feeders. We even had one Yellow-rumped Warbler that try to dominate all the feeders. He was mean to the Goldfinch. The goldfinch would fly off and 20 of them would descend down on the feeders messing with the rump. That’s what we call them for short. They have been fun to watch. We also had male & female Purple Finches on our feeders this year. It’s been a great 2 months for us. 😎

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