Future monarch (and a current one)

I always look at milkweed plants for monarch caterpillars. My success rate is about .001 percent, but today I got lucky and found one on a plant right next to the trail. Monarchs lay their eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves and the caterpillar eats the leaf when it hatches. Milkweed is toxic and the caterpillar becomes toxic to would-be predators.

There were a ton of monarchs flying around too, as seen below.

2 thoughts on “Future monarch (and a current one)

  1. I’m glad to say that I was in Riverside Park yesterday. They have planted a lot of flowers that Monarchs like. I saw a real flock fluttering on these flowers — more Monarchs than I’ve seen in the park in years.
    Great to have good news, Susan

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