New feeders bring in the birds

Photo by Chris Bosak – A cardinal visits a domed platform feeder by Kingsyard.

I recently received two Kingsyard brand feeders, and they are bringing in the birds at a pretty good clip. I like the platform feeder (seen above) for its partial dome cover. The cover keeps the rain out of the tray, which was a problem I had with my previous platform feeder. Birds don’t like wet, soggy seeds.

The other feeder is shaped like a house and looks nice hanging on the hook whether there are birds on it or not. Of course, it looks better when birds are on it. I also like that it has three separate chambers for the food so you can offer a mix of seeds and other foods, such as mealworms.

I’m looking forward to seeing what birds will show up over the course of the winter. #kingsyard

Photo by Chris Bosak – A tufted titmouse visits a feeder by Kingsyard.

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