Splish splash in the birdbath

Photo by Chris Bosak – Northern cardinal in birdbath.

Here’s a follow-up to a recent post with more photos. The post, which may be found here, was about attracting birds with a birdbath, especially in the winter.

Photo by Chris Bosak – Blue jay in a birdbath.
Photo by Chris Bosak – European starling in birdbath.

4 thoughts on “Splish splash in the birdbath

  1. Overnight last night in our lakes region of NH we got a hvy.wet snow upsetting our early Spring yellow Finch, Robins + Bluebirds along with the usual Cardinals, Juncos, Titmice, both red and white breasted Nuthatch to say nothing of how upset both the red winged and black Blackbirds are…these birds are all over my feeders except the Robins who have a sieve of mealworms to enjoy. Everyone has dipped into our heated bird waterer as well.


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