Mockingbirds are liking the suet

Photo by Chris Bosak A Northern Mockingbird visits a suet feeder as snow falls in March 2014 in Stamford, CT.

Photo by Chris Bosak
A Northern Mockingbird visits a suet feeder as snow falls in March 2014 in Stamford, CT.

It’s not often that I see Northern Mockingbirds at my feeders. I see them often enough, just not at the feeders. But for the past week or so, a pair of mockers have been regular visitors to the suet cake feeder. They split time with a pair of Downy Woodpeckers that has been visiting all winter.

Mockingbirds will begin their incredible singing performances soon. They will perch somewhere (often a very conspicuous spot) and sing their hearts out, going over their repertoire over and over. As its name suggests, the song is a long string of other birds’ calls. Personally, I always hear mockers include the Carolina Wren’s “tea kettle” song in their mix.

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2 thoughts on “Mockingbirds are liking the suet

  1. Watching a Mockingbird in wonder (a few years back) protecting its territory as it attempted to chase birds out of my yard. It appeared to target the birds that normally did not belong in the yard and left the “regulars” alone, such as Sparrows. At one point a flock of Starlings came into the yard and the Mockingbird frantically tried to scare of the groups of birds by flying at them. I don’t think the Starlings took much notice to the effort but flew off soon enough anyway.
    At other times, I have noticed a Mockingbird perched on the top of a utility pole as if keeping a guard over my yard. I enjoy the markings on their wings as they fly.


  2. For the first time ever we have several mockingbirds nesting in our yard in Canton CT. I have to wear a bike helmet and sunglasses when I do yard work because they so fiercely protect their young. There are at least four mockingbird nests in our flowering bushes and one in a hanging container of petunias on the porch. None of my neighbors seems to have this many mockingbirds in their yards. Has anyone else ever had this experience?


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