Birds to brighten your day: Bluebird Days I

Photo by Chris Bosak
An eastern bluebird perches on a branch in New England, February 2020.

You had to have known it was coming. I’ve been praising bluebirds all winter, even before “mine” started to visit about a month ago, so why not make them the next subject of my bird photo series? Did I mention I’ve had bluebirds in my backyard for the last month? I did? Oh, so you can imagine how many photos I have of them by now. Over the next several days, I’ll post one to help you get through this not-so-happy time in our history.

6 thoughts on “Birds to brighten your day: Bluebird Days I

  1. I love bluebirds. This photo is so beautiful. I am a member of the NYS Bluebird Society. I do have a bluebird box in my yard, but do not have any using it. I have a few pairs of male and female cardinals and lots of chickadees.

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    • Thanks for the comment. I put a bluebird box up a few weeks ago just because I was getting the bluebirds at my feeders. They have been checking out the box (male and female) but it remains to be seen if the actually use it. I don’t think I have the right type of habitat, but we’ll see.

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  2. yes, thank you so much. There are a pair that follow me from tree to tree on my walk at the nature center nearby. They seem very inquisitive about me!

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    • Thanks for sharing! I have noticed that “my” bluebirds are not as wary as I thought they’d be. When I walk out to refill the feeders, they just retreat to a branch not very far from me. Thanks again for writing!


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