A few vulture shots to start off the new year

Photo by Chris Bosak
A turkey vulture rests on a board at a DMV work area in New England.

What better way to kick off 2019 than with a few vulture photos! I couldn’t resist passing up the spot again. A DMV pull-off area is a magnet for vultures because that’s where the deer carcasses are unloaded. Makes sense, right? I wrote about this at more length in this post from late 2017. Click here to read that post.

Long story short, it’s not an area I should be pulling my passenger car into, but I drove past the other day and saw an inordinate number of vultures. So I circled back to the highway for a closer look. They were nearly all black vultures with only a very few turkey vultures. I grabbed a few photos (and maybe a quick video) and went on my way. If you look closely, they’re actually kind of cute.

Photo by Chris Bosak A group of vultures gather around a deer carcas at a DMV work area in New England.