NSFW bird photos

Gino Farina of Jaffrey Center, NH, caught these wild turkeys at the right moment, spring 2019.

I’ve never happened across copulating turkeys and until this spring I had never been sent photos of turkeys copulating. That changed earlier this month when, in the span of a few days, I received two such photos. Thanks to Wayne Snelley of Pepperell, Massachusetts, and Gino Farina of Jeffrey Center, N.H., for taking these excellent shots and sending them to me.

The future of turkeys seems safe for now. (NSFW means Not Safe For Work for those not fluent in Internet speak.)

For more photos submitted by readers from throughout New England, click here, or click on the Reader Submitted Photos link from the menu above.

Wayne Snelley got this shot of copulating wild turkeys in his yard in Pepperell, Massachusetts.