Birds and salvia Part I

Photo by Chris Bosak A red-bellied woodpecker stands on a deck railing next to salvia blooms in New England, September 2020.

A few years ago I purchased a few bunches of coneflower late in the season and they made for a perfect setting for bird photos on my deck in the fall. This year, the salvia I purchased early this spring has grown enough to make a nice setting for birds eating seeds off the deck railing. The hummingbirds like the salvia too! Click here for one of those coneflower photos. Click here for some hummingbird drinking from salvia shots.

I’ll post a few more salvia shots tomorrow.

Photo by Chris Bosak A black-capped chickadee eats sunflower seeds near salvia blooms in New England, September 2020.

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Random happy bird photo

Photo by Chris Bosak A downy woodpecker grabs seeds amidst salvia in New England, September 2020.

Here’s a random happy bird photo to kick off your Labor Day Weekend. It’s a female downy woodpecker between salvia stalks. Salvia is an annual that is good for attracting hummingbirds with their red, tubular flowers. Have a great long weekend!

Camera at the ready

Photo by Chris Bosak An American robin eats berries from a cedar tree in New Canaan, CT, December 2019.

Any photographer, regardless of subject interest or specialty, will tell you about the importance of always having your camera handy because you never know when those special moments will happen. I rarely follow that advice, truth be told, even though I’ve preached that advice many times. I did, however, happen to have my camera handy at work the other day when a flock of robins gathered in a cedar tree to pick at the small, blue berries. Maybe this will be the impetus for me to have my camera at the ready more often. Time will tell.

Photo by Chris Bosak An American robin eats berries
from a cedar tree in New Canaan, CT, December 2019.

Squirrel in pumpkin

Photo by Chris Bosak
A gray squirrel finds a free meal in a Halloween pumpkin in New England.

I’m sure there’s a funny caption to be had for this photo, but I can’t think of it right now. I caught this guy red-handed and looking guilty as anything as he ate the remnants of a pumpkin left over from Halloween. Feel free to send me your caption …

A nuthatch and a borrowed camera lens

Photo by Chris Bosak A white-breasted nuthatch perches on a branch in New England, fall 2019.

My friend Ellen was excited to show me her new Canan f2.8 lens with a range of 70 to 200mm. She asked if I wanted to borrow it for a week and I said yes (of course). With 200mm as the maximum zoom, its capability as a wildlife photography lens is limited, but still very useful for some circumstances. Many of the days were overcast and that made the 2.8 aperture very handy. It is also a high-quality lens so even subjects that are a bit distant will still be sharp.

I experimented with the lens mostly in the backyard where I know I have a steady supply of subjects near the birdfeeders. White-breasted nuthatches turned out to be the best subjects as they perched in a tree close to the feeders before coming to get a seed. Here are some of the results. Continue reading

Random photo: Phoebe on sign

Photo by Chris Bosak
An eastern phoebe sits on a sign near the edge of Deer Pond in Sherman, CT, fall 2019.

Here’s an interesting scene I came across the other day during a walk at Deer Pond Farm, a property of Connecticut Audubon in Sherman, CT. Phoebes are one of the first migrants to arrive in New England in the spring and one of the last to leave in the fall.