For the Birds: Get out there for fall migration

Photo by Chris Bosak A Red-tailed hawk at Weed Beach in Darien, Conn., January 2015.
Photo by Chris Bosak — The hawk migration is a highlight of the fall bird migration in New England.

There is more to the fall migration than hawk watches on top of mountains. Watching raptors effortlessly soar among the thermals is indeed the highlight of the fall migration, but everything from shorebirds and songbirds to waders and waterfowl move south in the fall as well.

The fall migration does not garner as much enthusiasm as the spring migration among most birders for many reasons, I believe.

The height of the spring migration is concentrated into a predictable three- or four-week period when you are assured of seeing many colorful songbirds. The fall migration is more spread out. It actually started in July with some shorebirds moving south and will Continue reading