Crocuses are out; could it be spring?

Crocus, March 2022

There are many “first signs of spring.” Among them are crocuses, which are in bloom at my place of work in New England. I’ve also seen daffodils and a few other flowers that are beyond my identification skills. I don’t want to jinx it because New England weather can be goofy, but welcome to spring.

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A few shots from a recent trip to Florida

Photo by Chris Bosak Burrowing owl in Cape Coral, Florida.

I ventured out of New England last week to visit my brother in southwestern Florida. Here are a few shots I got in my travels. Two of my brothers and I went to Marco Island to see burrowing owls, but came up empty. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon and they were all hunkered in their burrows. By chance, two days later I was in Cape Coral, which is the other hotspot for these beautiful birds. I got up early and found my target.

Thanks for looking and indulging me. Back to New England for my next post.

Anhinga, photo by Chris Bosak
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In honor of goldfinches

I often receive photos of birds from readers, but it’s not often that I get poems about our New England birds. Cyndy Martell from Peterborough, N.H., sent in this tribute to American goldfinches, which have been plentiful in her yard this winter.

Winter Goldfinches Galore

(A Phenomenon One Cannot Ignore)

By Cyndy Martell

Photo by Chris Bosak An American goldfinch perches on a coneflower head, Nov. 2018.

So many  Goldfinches

Clutching the feeders 

Is frustrating at best

To accurately calculate.

So many Goldfinches

Bouncing on branches

Of bushy trampolines

Ever ready to evacuate.

So many Goldfinches

Take flight impulsively 

Crashing into windows

Sadly sealing their fate.

So many Goldfinches

Studied by Chickadees

Who sit and just wait

But are seldom irate.

So many Goldfinches

Not in summer gold

But in winter’s green

Singing in sweet debate.

A few bird photos ahead of the storm

Photo by Chris Bosak A mourning dove perches on a wire during a snowfall in New England, Jan. 2022.

As of Thursday morning, the forecast calls for some snow throughout New England. Will it be a fierce Nor’easter that will drop a foot or more of snow or a relatively calm storm with an inch or two? That much remains to be seen as different models are predicting different outcomes. Like always, we’ll wait and see. In the meantime, here are a few snowy bird photos as we await the storm.

Photo by Chris Bosak A blue jay stands tall during a New England snowfall last week.
Photo by Chris Bosak A Carolina wren perches on a branch following a snowfall in New England, Jan. 2022.