More snow photos: Blue jays are still hard to resist

Photo by Chris Bosak A blue jay perches in a tree in Danbury, CT, March 2019.

There was a time when blue jays were my favorite bird. It’s not that I don’t like blue jays anymore, but I was a youngster then and only knew a handful of birds. Their size, color and boldness intrigued me. I’ve since discovered 100s of other birds and, while blue jays remain a valued sighting, other birds have replaced them at the top of my list. That doesn’t mean I can resist grabbing a shot of one when it poses for me during a snowfall. So here you go …

Christmas card number 1 from BirdsofNewEngland

Photo by Chris Bosak A blue jay visits a Danbury, Conn, backyard following a snow storm, fall 2018.

Southern New England is green as of December 20th and the forecast calls for rain and above-freezing temperatures for the foreseeable future. That’s good news for travelers, but not-so-good news for those dreaming of a white Christmas. To make things a bit easier for those folks, I’ll post a few photos left over from our mid-November snow storm. I’ll post one photo a day until December 25. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for your support of in 2018!